Saturday, April 6, 2013

Georgetown, Bahamas to Provo, Turks & Caicos

Southside Marina
Providenciales (Provo)
Turks & Caicos
21 45.636 N 072 13.427 W.

We have been on the move since departing Georgetown on Monday 3/25/13. We visited Rum Cay, Then down to Clarencetown on the east side of  Long Island. From there we did a 30 hour overnight passage of about 185 miles to Provo in the Turks and Caicos, arriving on 4/3/13.

Carina at the docks at Sumner Point Marina in Rum Cay. The marina sustained significant damage from hurricane Sandy this past season. The sandbar to the left partially shoaled in the marina channel and the dock infrastructure was also damaged as a result of the hurricane. The owners were offering free dockage through the end of 2013 while they are making repairs. What a deal!

Last stop for provisions in Rum Cay while southbound in the out islands is aptly named.  

Shelves were pretty bare... we were able to buy some delicious local grown tomatoes though.

Main street in Port Nelson...the only settlement on the island. The yellow building in the background on the right is The Ocean View Bar. The owners son, Hartley makes a rum cake to die for. Highly recommended! Order in the morning and he'll have it ready for you in the evening.

After three nights at the marina we decided we needed to get away from the nightly swarm of no-see-ums (tiny blood thirsty pests that make it through all but the smallest screen). The winds were favorable to anchor off the settlement in Port Nelson Bay. The water clarity was incredible with coral reef patches scattered about. Unfortunately the northerly winds brought temperatures that were a bit cool to want to get in the water.

Next stop was Clarencetown, Long Island. Clarencetown is one of only two harbors on the rugged east coast of Long Island. We visited the Catholic church built by Father Jerome to check out Easter Sunday services. It turned out the services were going to be held in a church in Dunmore far away for us. Apparently there are not enough priests or parishioners to warrant running two churches full time.

The woman we spoke to allowed us to climb the church tower for a great view of the harbor. Carina is anchored way in the distance behind the tanker and in front of the two islands in the background. A coral reef stretching between the small islands breaks any incoming ocean swells.

Not much in the way of provisions in this little grocery store either. The building does offer a nice shady spot for the goats and dog to hang out though.

Our new friends, Sandy and Ray from the sailboat Megerin and Kathy are discussing weather at the Flying Fish Marina Bar. We met Sandy and Ray in Rum Cay, who were also heading southbound, and decided we'd "buddy boat" with them. It's nice to know there is another boat close by in the remote waters of the southeast Bahamas.

After a grueling 30 hour / 185nm passage from Clarencetown to Provo in the Turks and Caicos we are resting up at South Side Marina.

On our way to a well deserved night out with Sandy and Ray.

Bob, the marina owner gave us a ride to the north shore of the island and the Turtle Cove Marina. We enjoyed a drink and a lovely view from the Magnolia wine bar followed by a delicious dinner at the famous Tiki Hut. The Tiki Hut has been an institution in Provo for 20 years and a must stop for visitors.

All that being said...we have enjoyed our short stay in Provo and have decided, for reasons to numerous to mention, that we have gone as far south as we want to this year. We will start our slow northbound trip today and be back in the States by mid-June.

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