Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Exumas to New Providence Island

West Bay, New Providence Island
25 01.62 N 77 32.77 W

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We returned to Georgetown from the Jumentos in mid-March to meet Kathy's son Michael. This was Mike's 3rd year visiting us and he likes to start his vacation at Chat & Chill with a Goombay Smash.

We were invited to a small and intimate beach wedding held at "Flip Flop Beach" on 3/17/14.

We will have fond memories of Mike & Mel's unique wedding experience.

After Michael's vacation with us ended, we were itching to get out of Georgetown for awhile. We sailed up to the north end of Great Exuma Island. Carina is anchored in the background, off White Bay Cay.

View from atop Perry Peak on Lee Stocking Island, the highest point of land in the Exuma island chain at 123'. Our anchorage at Williams Bay is in background.
We arrived back in Georgetown for our next guests. Mark's son Ian and daughter-in-law Katie flew all the way from Boise, Idaho for a week vacation.

Walking the expansive sand bars off Man-O-War Cay.

Afternoon cocktails and Mexican Train Dominoes.

We remained in Georgetown through most of the 61st annual Family Island Regattas, held during the last week of April before heading northbound.

Anchored off the northwest side of Pipe Cay.
While in Pipe Cay, Mark got word of the death of his aunt and the imminent death of his mother. Kathy stayed with the boat and cats at the Atlantis Resort Marina on Paradise Island in Nassau while Mark flew back to CT for 9 days, for what turned out to be 2 funerals.

After leaving Nassau we sailed 15 miles around to the west side of the island of New Providence. We spent 10 days anchored in West Bay with a number of other boats sitting out strong winds, squalls, then more strong winds until we had the right wind angle and seas to sail on to the Berry Islands.