Friday, February 15, 2013

Black Point to Georgetown, Exumas

Georgetown, Exumas
Red Shanks Anchorage
23 29.21 N 075 44.65 W

After leaving Blackpoint Settlement we continued south down the Exuma chain and spent some time exploring the small cays off the northern end of Great Exuma which we hadn't visited before. We found an amazing blow hole on Boysie Cay. Wave action forces water through fissures in the rock. A deep rumble of air signals the geyser of water which sometimes reached 20-30 feet high.

There are natural reefs and there are man made reefs. A local tour company scuttled this sail boat which will become a man made reef near Square Rock off Barraterre, Great Exuma.The area all around Square Rock abounds with beautiful reefs and all kinds of sea life. 

We arrived back to Georgetown for our 3rd season. Georgetown and Elizabeth Harbor is the Bahamian cruising mecca for so many cruisers during the winter months.This is only part of the 280+ cruising boats that have already arrived and are anchored along a 2 mile stretch of Stocking Island.

 We enjoy hiking the trails of Stocking Island and never tire of looking out over the beautiful blue waters of Exuma Sound to the east.

Every Wednesday the cruiser's dinghy across the harbor from Stocking Island into Georgetown to get their propane tanks refilled. They line up with their tanks in the parking lot across from Eddie's Edgewater Bar awaiting the 11AM arrival of Clarence's propane truck. It becomes quite a social scene as you can see. It's a wonderfully simplistic procedure compared to all the safety regulations in the US. No standing back outside of any protective fence enclosure; no weigh scale; no inspection of tank mfg. date; no unscrewing OPD valve. You just pay them $22 and they fill your tank 'till the gas vents out !

Mark lost a filling a month ago and was in need of finding a dentist for a replacement filling. Dr. Roberts (the very young dentist on right) with her Dental Assistant work for the the Georgetown Government Health Clinic in town and did a wonderful a job. Costs: $55!

Georgetown is a great place for guests to visit. Ted and Wendy, our very good friends flew over from Fort Lauderdale to join us on Carina. Here we're at Chat & Chill on Volleyball Beach...

where they fed / petted the resident rays.

A.J. from the Chat & Chill's Conch Bar prepared us a delicious fresh conch salad.

After Ted and Wendy left we moved Carina to the very protected anchorage of Red Shanks just 2 miles south of Georgetown. Close enough to enjoy the town amenities but far enough away to escape the crowds. We found this piece of paradise near Man O'War Cay with a sand bar and gin clear water that extends for miles. The sailboat in the background is making it's way through the south entrance to Elizabeth Harbor.

Life is good!!!