About Us

We are Kathy and Mark Rickert. This blog chronicles our travels while cruising aboard Carina, our 42’ sailing catamaran.
We purchased Carina in 2006 as our “retirement boat” and lived aboard her in CT for 4 seasons while continuing to work. We retired in June of 2010. Kathy was a registered nurse in home health care and Mark was a district manager for the CT State Parks system.
We are now in our 4th year as full-time live aboards.... cruising as long and as far as it suits us.
Contact us: yachtcarina108@gmail.com

A note to our blog followers:
We will continue to update this blog on only an occasional basis. Kathy is posting near-daily updates on our travels on her Facebook page “Kathy Rickert”. Please visit and request to be friended.

What’s a catamaran without cats!

We have two cats that also live aboard with us. 
Barnacle is a very large 11 year-old Grey “Hemingway” Tabby with 6 toes on each front paw. He has been mistaken for a Maine Coon cat due to his size and disposition. 
Sinbad is a 7 year-old Silver Chinchilla Persian that’s content to be an indoor “boat” cat. Both cats have grown-up on board since being kittens so they have adapted quite well to boat living.

While we’re underway they stay inside. When we arrive at an anchorage, both cats can roam the decks. Barnacle definitely has better sea legs than Sinbad because his furry paws do not offer enough deck traction, but he has gotten more cautious with age.