Saturday, March 23, 2013

Family Visits to Georgetown

Georgetown, Exumas

23 30.20 N 075 45.70 W

We have been in Georgetown since January 23 and have enjoyed visits from friends as well as Kathy's son, Michael and Mark's son, Alex.

Mike could not wait to return for his 2nd annual visit, this time bringing along his girlfriend Danielle. Their 1st stop was the Chat and Chill beach bar for a cold Kalik.

No trip to Stocking Island would be complete without a stop at the Flip Flop Shop. The bar (in photo) as well as a tiki hut was constructed by cruisers in memory of a former cruiser who loved this part of the beach. John was the founder of the Flip Flop Shop and the beach is called John's Beach. Cruisers use the facilities for impromptu evening get togethers and bon fires.

Petting the tame Rays off Volleyball Beach. Mmmm...does Mike's head look a little redder than day one?

Sunset from the top of Monument hill looking out over Elizabeth Harbor.

Lunch at Peace and Plenty in Georgetown followed by a photo op from their pool deck. Mike and Danielle reluctantly and sadly headed back to the States the next day.

Mark's youngest son Alex arrived the day after Michael & Danielle departed. He speared his 1st lobster and we had lobster tails for dinner that night.

He learned how to remove the conch meat from the conch shell. Kathy made fresh conch salad with it.

... And the obligatory visit to Volleyball Beach and the totem pole at Chat & Chill. 

Alex met some of our cruising friends, here with Dick from NATI at Big D's beach bar. 

Alex enjoyed the beautiful beaches and crystal clear waters. In addition to the R&R he managed to get in a work out each day as he prepares for his seasonal forest firefighter job out in Idaho this Summer. 

Over the past month we have been dealing with a flea infestation. Not sure where they came from but it has been an ongoing battle which we think we have finally won with a combination of baths with Dawn dish washing liquid, flea powders and finally Advantage for Cats which Alex brought for us. Are we having fun yet???

Bathing them is a two person operation with minimal blood loss.

After a full 2 months in Georgetown we are planning to make way for Rum Cay this upcoming Monday.. and points southeast from there as the weather permits.