Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Farm River

41 15.22 N 72 51.39 W

The Farm River Marina has been our home for the past 4 summer seasons. The Farm River divides the towns of East Haven and Branford, CT. It is a beautiful tidal estuary that provides short, easy access to Long Island Sound. A 2' depth bar across the river at low tide tends to keep the river free of the typical big-boat traffic. Since we draw about 3'9" we have to time our departures / arrivals to 2 hours before/ after low tide to navigate the river. The CT coastline takes on a distinct geologic appearance in this locale with hundreds of "pink granite" islands and outcroppings; the Thimble Islands, to our east, being the more well known of these islands. The river narrows about a 1/2 mile upstream and then winds a few more miles north through beautiful tidal marshlands, perfect for exploring by kayak or dinghy.

The marina property is State owned but managed by Quinnipiac University, who is only permitted to rent out 20 boat slips. Thus the marina has proven to be small, quiet and intimate for us - particularly since we are the only folks who have lived aboard our boat exclusively for the past four seasons.
We have also made fast friends with our fellow marina slip owners over the past four years. Since we all share the common bond of boating, we have established endearing relationships with our marina neighbors more so than we ever did with our neighbors back in our dirt dweller lives. We could not have asked for a better bunch of folks to hang out with for the past 4 seasons and we'll miss you all after we cut the dock lines !

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